Tourism creates local jobs, contribute economically to local businesses and give unique experiences to visitors. But how much of this actually materializes if you stay, eat, drink and buy only from chains such as Starbucks and McDonalds? Not much. In this case, the host community receives little of the economic benefits from your holiday expenditures but has to deal with all the potential problems related to tourism (including price inflation, water shortage, waste management, noise, and public drunkeness).

Responsible tourism is about the choices we make when travelling. By venturing off the beaten path, we aim to tread lightly and contribute to the well being of the places we visit. Specifically, we do this by:

  • encouraging our clients to visit local businesses and eat in authentic restaurants,
  • working with local suppliers,
  • buying seasonal produce,
  • using locally owned ground transportation and accommodation,
  • travelling by public transport where possible,
  • keeping the CO2 emissions of our trips as low as possible, and
  • raising awareness of the local environment.

Some Tips

  • Learn a few basic phrases in your destination’s local language.
  • Consider your carbon footprint when making travel choices.
  • Recycle and only leave footprints behind.
  • Show respect for and interest in the local culture. 
  • When taking photographs, make sure that a flash is permitted. When photographing people, ask permission first.
  • Buy local so that way the money you spend boosts the local economy and helps preserve heritage.