"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page." Saint Augustine

Straying from standardized mass tourism and discovering authentic experiences is difficult without insider knowledge. Current travel is limited to old hat travel agencies and tour operators or you, relentlessly glued to your smartphone comparing flight schedules and TripAdvisor ratings. Toss in the unreliable friends, spouse and kids, work/school schedules, budgets, dietary requirements and authentic travel is downright daunting. 

The question for the adventurous becomes:  How can I truly experience the local way of life and make the most of my time and resources?

Our Mission

Our vision is to create a new travel experience. We believe that travel is about more than just sightseeing. It is more than a plane ticket, a hotel bed, a seat on a tour bus or a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower. At Get Local Travel, we offer unique, authentic travel experiences that enable spontaneity, allow human connections and are culturally immersive. 

Our Services

We know that travel needs are diverse. So we offer the following services:

  • Trip planning: we answer your questions, find interesting experiences, provide some recommendations and, if needed, help you find the right flights or accommodation. We create personalized, curated itineraries that allow you to be independent and enjoy experiences that only insiders know about.
  • Group travel: join us on an organized trip in our home region of Provence, but one that is flexible, immersive, responsible and delivered by locals.

Our Promise

Access authentic unique experiences

Authenticity is hard to define but impossible to fake. As many travel companies claim to provide authentic experiences, it becomes harder to cut through the noise and genuinely connect with a destination. 
We offer unique, customized trips that allow you to immerse yourself into another way of life and experience locales as if you lived there. We dig deep, feel our surroundings, immerse ourselves, learn, grow, go behind the scenes; all to access the authentic and shun the touristic. We have been where you are about to go, off the beaten path and into the heart of a destination. It doesn’t just feel authentic; it is authentic.

Often, we use food and drinks as a way to explore the culture, giving insight on how products are grown, produced, sold, and prepared. Expect memorable meals with locals, exclusive cooking classes, in-depth tours of farms, vineyards, breweries and local markets. Food and beverages are one of the last non-digitized experiences that require physical presence to enjoy.

“No person walks into the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, and it’s not the same person.” (Heraclitus)

Unique travel experiences don’t require remote, exotic outposts; you can find them down the road from well-known destinations (consider Provence). Whether you have already "been there, done that", we promise you something new and exciting.

Connect with locals and fellow travelers

Often our most cherished travel memories often revolve around the people we’ve me; these also make the best stories. Travel is an exchange with the local community; it's not a commodity that is spent and forgotten. Our unique itineraries bring you on an authentic exploration of the region, spending time with locals with local chefs, wine masters, beer brewers and artisans, hearing their stories to pass along to others.


We provide some support and structure but also the flexibility to wander and enjoy serendipitous experiences. This is your trip after all. We can pack your schedule with activities or let you pursue the whim of the moment, linger at the market, hang out on the beach, grab an espresso or glass of wine at a cozy café  or just be a tourist (yes, that’s also allowed!). Our itineraries are flexible and give you the ability to make choices with support and expert assistance. We give you the information, lodging options, curated activities and you fill in the rest.

Responsible travel

Tourism creates local jobs, contribute economically to local businesses and give unique experiences to visitors. But how much of this actually materializes if you stay, eat, drink and buy only from chains such as Starbucks and McDonalds? Not much. In this case, the host community receives little of the economic benefits from your holiday expenditures but has to deal with all the potential problems related to tourism (including price inflation, water shortage, waste management, noise, and public drunkeness).

Responsible tourism is about the choices we make when travelling. By venturing off the beaten path, we aim to tread lightly and contribute to the well being of the places we visit. Specifically, we do this by:

  • encouraging our clients to visit local businesses and eat in authentic restaurants,
  • working with local suppliers,
  • buying seasonal produce,
  • using locally owned ground transportation and accommodation,
  • travelling by public transport where possible,
  • keeping the CO2 emissions of our trips as low as possible, and
  • raising awareness of the local environment.

Some Tips

  • Learn a few basic phrases in your destination’s local language.
  • Consider your carbon footprint when making travel choices.
  • Recycle and only leave footprints behind.
  • Show respect for and interest in the local culture. 
  • When taking photographs, make sure that a flash is permitted. When photographing people, ask permission first.
  • Buy local so that way the money you spend boosts the local economy and helps preserve heritage.

Is this for me?

When traveling as with life, things sometimes don’t go totally as planned. Guided tours reduce this risk by herding travelers between sightseeing landmarks and not letting them wander too far. Our trips are the opposite. You will have the opportunity to ‘get lost’, oftentimes that’s the most memorable part of a trip (but try not to get too lost!). We will provide you with support and information you need but it is your responsibility to get from point A to point B. There will be no one with a bright jacket and flag to wave you back into the tour bus.

So, in the words of the great American philosopher Steve Harwell of Smashmouth: “So much to do so much to see, so what's wrong with taking the back streets. You'll never know if you don't go.”

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