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We believe in authentic, responsible travel that don't break the bank, the environment or the local community. Get in touch and we'll create together a customized itinerary that bypasses mass tourism and connects you with peer-to-peer activity providers or small, locally-owned companies to enjoy unique experiences. 
We cut through the online clutter (saving you time) and unlike travel agents and tour booking websites, we work for you, not for commissions.

We will assist you in customizing your travel; you’re in charge and we’re good listeners.  Together, we will come up with perfect travel plans! We'll answer your questions, help you with flights and transportation and build a personalized itinerary. 
Our aim is to bypass the obvious and the ordinary, designing tailor-made itineraries for individuals, families or groups. We can pack your schedule with activities or let you pursue the whim of the moment, linger at the market, hang out on the beach, grab a mocha or glass of wine at a cozy café or just be a tourist (yes, that’s also allowed)!  

We specialize in trips to France, but through our network of local concierges, we can help with travel across Europe and North America.

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Not sure where you want to go? Check out this handy tool from our partner Kiwi to find the right destination based on your budget, then get in touch to plan the rest of your trip.

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